About us

The Gallery

Deodato Arte is a brand that includes an activity of promotion, development of projects and sale of works in the context of contemporary art. It is present in the territory with three offices in Milan, a third one on Lake Lugano (Brusino Arsizio) and a commercial presence in Hong Kong. Thanks to an editorial team, 50.000 develops unique online contacts every month. The Gallery was born in 2010.

Four simple pivotal concepts make up the Deodato Arte philosophy: ethics, humility, accessibility and planning feasibility. Ethics is needed to grow in revenue, humility is fundamental for not to offend anyone, accessibility because nobody has to be left behind and planning feasibility to entertain, both our costumers and ourselves!

The team

The Deodato Arte team is currently composed by Carlo Santagostino, official manager, Marzia Pasqualone, B2C Sales Manager, Beatrice Acerbis, B2B Sales Manager. The Marketing aspect is curated by the Qwerty SA Company, under the creative supervision of the founder, Deodato Salafia.

Graduated in Computer Science, in Biblical and Theological Sciences, and in Theology of Religions, Deodato is a marketing expert, eMarketing in particular, as well as computer architectures and algorithms.

From 2016, moreover, the Gallery is responsible of the Marco Lodola Official Archive.


The Artists with an exclusive collaboration are: José Molina, Tomoko Nagao, Mr. Brainwash, Mr. SaveTheWall, Marco Lodola, Arnaud & Adeline Nazare-Aga, Romero Britto, Francesco Vullo.

Artists on which the gallery develops individual projects in exclusive or R & D are: Andy Warhol, Maurizio Galimberti, Felipe Cardena, Giosetta Fioroni, Christo, Fernandez Arman, Giovanna Fra, Giuliano Grittini, Takashi Murakami.

Artists particularly followed by the gallery, with projects are: Mimmo Rotella, Damien Hirst, Keith Haring, Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall.

Further artists listed on the eCommerce website. The gallery does not trade, rather for each of these artists has developed specific research and promotion projects.


2018 appointments

Georges Braque. La nascita del Cubismo, capolavori grafici, (10.10 XCHARX 20.11) XCHARX sede di via Santa Marta 6, Milano

Romero Britto: Art is for everyone!, (04.10 XCHARX 04.11) XCHARX presso Franciacorta Outlet Village di Rodengo Saiano

Tomoko Nagao: Iridescent Obsessions,  (27.09 XCHARX 27.10) XCHARX A cura di  Christian Gangitano e Paolo Campiglio XCHARX Sede di via Nerino 2, Milano

Tempus Time: Marco Lodola and Giovanna Fra, Royal Palace of Caserta (14.06 - 15.09) - Curated by Luca Beatrice

Romero Britto (31.05 - 10.08) - Headquarters in via Nerino 2, Milan

Andy Warhol - Pop revolution (18.02 - 18.06) - Marte Museum in Cava de 'Tirreni - curated by Marzia Pasqualone

Francesca Capetta - The Journey overseas(17-06) - Santa Marta 6

Japan pop in Franciacorta(06.04 - 06.05) - Edited by Christian Cangitano, At Franciacorta Outlet Village

Mr SaveTheWall - Beyond the wall (02.03 - 31.03) - home of via Santa Marta 6, Milan

2017 Exhibitions

Joan Miro: Graphic masterpieces (27.09 - 04.11)

A journey into the production of the surrealist artist, between shapes and colors that make it unique today.

ICONS : Latest Trends NeoPop (15.06-25.07) - By Christian Gangitano

Landscape after the Battle: Josè Molina at the Royal Palace of Caserta(03.05-03.06) - Curated by Lorenzo Canova

Athos Faccincani: The secret gardens(21.04-27.05)

Marco Lodola - Luci Pop in Franciacorta(16.03-17.04)
In collaboration with Deodato Arte

Kirakirà: the sparkling world of Murakami Takashi(25.01-25-02)
Organized by Contemporary Concept in collaboration with Deodato Arte

Digital Warhol at the Villa Croce Museum in Genoa(18.12-16-26-02-17)


Deodato Arte knows we are a connected world, where just one click to recover infinite information, wherever we are, anytime of the day (and of the night!).

Certainly we can not ignore the physical space, but much of the information we have and we want to offer it every hour, everywhere and possibly in as many languages ​​as possible.

That's why we founded an eCommerce, which can be visited on the linkwww.deodato.com.


Deodato Arte is also a publisher and distributor; for this reason it has a sales network composed by other galleries, frame shops or furniture stores.

If you have a gallery or a shop that deals with art, you can contact us to consider a resale collaboration. Read more.